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Letter: Vast majority of priests are good, honorable men

Vast majority of priests are good, honorable men

The March 30 letter about priest abuse was not only lacking in information but was also fiercely judgmental and actually hateful. We don’t know what happened!

The writer used the word rape in his letter many times. The word does not describe what happened in each abuse case. We don’t know if all the priests accused were found guilty. We have sex offenders in every walk of life and cover-ups of such cases, but we don’t see as much news about them as we do the priests.

If there were cover-ups, as we know there were, it is definitely wrong, and if the parents of these children took hush money without demanding these priests be removed from serving, that is also wrong.

I am a “member of the organization,” as the writer referred to us. I do not condone child abuse, nor do I condone those who relish in downing my faith, or anyone else’s faith. Whether the writer wants to hear this fact or not, it is only a small percentage of the priests who have served our Lord and his people over the years who are involved. I am sure those who enjoy seeing our faiths criticized will be happy to see this story go on and on.

Connie Rudes

East Amherst

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