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Letter: Self-serving politicians have forgotten the people

Self-serving politicians have forgotten the people

I want my money back! I am sick of paying for political infighting. A year has gone by and all I see is money going to lawyers who have nothing to do with running the country. I want better roads and bridges; teachers who are paid more than politicians, because they hold our children and our futures in their hands every day; enough books in school for each child; doctors and hospitals that treat patients and are not expected to be record keepers; safety when I walk down a street or attend a large venue; police officers and firefighters who are paid not as afterthoughts.

All the things and more that millions of “regular” Americans only have the time to think about because we are too busy working to pay taxes, let alone subsist. Everyday life things that I don’t have the time to wait years for. This is what government is supposed to be for – us.

Sandy Moyer


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