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Letter: Ryan deserves no praise as he departs Congress

Ryan deserves no praise as he departs Congress

All Americans can appreciate Rep. Paul Ryan’s retirement from Congress and increased opportunities to be with his family. Unfortunately, he should not be showered with praise on his way out.

During the eight years of the Obama administration, Ryan was Congress’ most fierce deficit hawk. He railed against deficit spending like no other. He predicted financial catastrophe if Congress did not address the problem. What did he do when he became speaker? Just the opposite.

Ryan put together legislation that became the greatest tax reductions of two generations (mostly to the well-off and corporations). This was followed by huge increases in the federal budget. Consequently, budget deficits will top a trillion dollars yearly, so that by 2025 our total deficit will top $33 trillion – which will match our projected gross national product.

At that time interest on the debt will strangle future budgets. This could happen much earlier. The Republican “borrow and spend” approach will drown the economic hopes of many of America’s young, perhaps Ryan’s children as well. This apparently is a small price to pay for the generous tax giveaways to what is already America’s richest population – which will likely include Ryan, who will soon be sorting through many applications to lobby for corporations and individuals he helped to enrich. For shame, Mr. Ryan!

Michael Toomey


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