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Letter: Gosy has helped many live with chronic pain

Gosy has helped many live with chronic pain

I and other members of my family are patients of Dr. Eugene Gosy. He is a very kind physician, who cares about his patients. I read in The Buffalo News that a mother of a legal adult man was suing Gosy for her child’s death. It is not his responsibility to baby-sit a young adult who overdoses on drugs, it’s the parent’s responsibility to hand out the medication to her child and keep her child controlled.

If a young adult goes to a hobby shop and buys glue, should the merchant be responsible if the young adult decides to sniff the glue? There are many people whom Gosy has helped and made their lives easier to live with chronic pain. Many of these people have written letters for the doctor. Don’t destroy the good, caring and wonderful human being that he is.

Leah Schneider


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