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Letter: Trump taking country on voyage through a spreading swamp

Trump taking country on voyage through a spreading swamp

Were else in the world could a totally unqualified person rise to lead a once proud and respected nation into oblivion?

Now that Trump has stumbled, lied, cheated, insulted and in general made a mockery of our system of government, he has the audacity to say he needs another four-year term to completely eliminate our country as we know it. In case anyone hasn’t noticed his henchman, Bannon, is traveling around the world stumping for an authoritarian form of rule.

I still can’t believe “his base” (which he feeds off of) hasn’t been able to see through this charade. I implore you look at what he has done to our basic democracy.

And when are the Congress and Senate going step up and take control? We don’t need a day in and day out self–serving empty talk and bragging campaign rally for the balance of his term, no matter how long it lasts. (Come on Russian probe.)

Please help and preserve our nation and form of government for our posterity. Many lives and years have been spent building a free country, and I trust it won’t be destroyed during Trump’s trip thru “this is my land, not your land” mind set.

As for his draining the swamp in Washington, it won’t be long before we’re all poling our pirogues down the bayou as his swamp spreads across all of America.

We all deserve more than this. Remember he’s promised you everything and he’s taken it all for himself and the elite that feeds his ego.

Frank Maddock


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