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Letter: Nasty lawsuit against dog park may ruin a good thing for others

Nasty lawsuit against dog park may ruin a good thing for others

As a long-time Amherst resident, I often frequent the Paw Park on Smith Road in East Amherst. Recent knowledge of a lawsuit by a Cheektowaga resident against my town and the park association is upsetting.

The Paw Park Association provides our four-legged friends with a great facility to run and play. In addition, dog owners also have an opportunity to relax and socialize while safely watching their pets romp. In as much as this facility is in the Town of Amherst, it welcomes all to come and enjoy.

Those who utilize the park are well aware of the visibly posted park policies, including being responsible for you and your pet. An why wouldn’t you be? You get to use for FREE, a large, fenced-in, nicely groomed and comfortable area made possible by a great town and gracious volunteers. All that’s asked in return is a little respect.

Of course with all good there often comes some bad. In this instance the bad is in the form of a nasty lawsuit.

So on top of ruining a great thing for others, someone is trying to profit from a non-profit dog playground while they’re at it. Perhaps instead of filing ludicrous lawsuits, this individual should focus on starting a paw park in her own and very lovely town of Cheektowaga.

Mary Ellen Sanfilippo

East Amherst

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