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Here's how a state proposal for on-call scheduling would work

Under the proposed on-call scheduling law, employers would be required to:

  • Post employee schedules 14 days in advance
  • Give workers an extra two hours' pay if they're called into work without advance notice
  • Give workers an extra four hours' pay if their shift is cancelled within 72 hours of its start time
  • Give workers an extra four hours' pay if they're "on call," or have to call for their schedules within 72 hours of a shift

Which workers would be exempt under the new law?

  • Those covered by separate minimum wage orders, such as for the hospitality, building service and agriculture industries
  • Full-time employees who earn 40 times the hourly minimum wage per week, or $416 per week locally
  • Workers covered by a collective bargaining agreement that expressly covers on-call pay
  • Employees who volunteer to cover a co-worker's shift

Source: New York State Department of Labor


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