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Letter: There’s no reason for anyone to possess assault weapons

There’s no reason for anyone to possess assault weapons

I am encouraged by the activism of the nation’s young people in favor of effective and sensible gun legislation. From 1952 to 1955 I served as a Navy officer on an attack cargo transport. As its gunnery officer, I had control over a broad array of lethal weapons including rapid fire anti-aircraft guns, long-range cannon and anti-submarine depth charges. Since I went on inactive duty in 1955, I have fired a gun but twice and I do not own a gun.

The existing unwarranted possession of AR-15s and other assault type weapons by civilians who are not in law enforcement is a major problem. It is imperative that those weapons be removed from those who have no legitimate reason for possessing an assault weapon before they, for whatever reason, take it upon themselves to use one to slaughter innocent human beings be they children or adults, straight or gay, white, black, Hispanic or Muslim, citizen or undocumented immigrant. The question is how can those possessing assault weapons be promptly identified and located so that they can be legally relieved of those weapons notwithstanding efforts to the contrary by the NRA.

William Schuch

East Amherst

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