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Letter: Homeowners should maintain trees to help prevent blackouts

Homeowners should maintain trees to help prevent blackouts

After some reflection about the recent long-term power outage (50-plus hours) we experienced recently, I ended up with a less than hostile opinion about the NYSEG repair timing. In defense of the gallant repair teams, I submit that property owners don’t maintain their trees. I had taken a look at the actual damage on our street and saw that a dead tree had been blown onto the high tension lines at the top of a power pole, and the lines understandably had snapped. We have all seen the power company’s efforts to keep the lines free of tree growth by cutting a 10-foot clearance radius around and over the lines. Sometimes even those efforts are criticized because of the way the trees look afterward. But our specific outage this week had been caused by a dead tall tree farther than 10 feet away. Many other trees nearby could have been the culprit, growing uncontrolled around the power lines. While it is nice to see trees on our property and they increase the value of our homes, like everything else we own they should be properly maintained. Good tree service on the part of the owners would reduce the damage during windstorms, and help to keep outages shorter when there is a bad storm.

Gene Long

West Falls

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