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Letter: Have compassion for workers trying to restore power

Have compassion for workers trying to restore power

The day after our recent bad wind storm a young man appeared on one of our local news broadcasts. He had lost power as many of us did. He went on to complain about his inability to go on Facebook and Twitter, was in some kind of withdrawal, and the rant went on about his lack of power.

This guy doesn’t have a clue as to what goes on to restore power to thousands of local residents. Power companies field employees who risk their lives during these outages, working 40-plus feet above the ground with high voltages and 50 mile an hour winds, not to mention freezing temperatures and unstable ground. These guys and gals are the real heros.

So Mr. Facebook, I say to you have some compassion. Next time your power goes out, go out into the community and give somebody a helping hand. I suggest buying a chain saw.

James S. Cook

West Falls

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