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Letter: Draining the swamp begins with deposing Emperor Trump

Draining the swamp begins with deposing Emperor Trump

Emperor Trump is wearing no clothes. Nor is he starring in his own reality show, or running his family business. Most of us know this only too well. Except for him as he lurches from one Twitter rant to the next, one lie to the next (and then claps for himself for telling it), and one demeaning insult or behavior to the next. His terminally spineless staff cannot say no to this infantile man and continue to clean up his lies and proclaim his taunts and name-calling as mere joking. Any other president would have denounced the Russians meddling in our election from day one, and pledged to get to the bottom of it. But not Emperor Trump. He calls the Mueller investigation a witch hunt and a hoax. It seems to me that he is doing as much to sow discord and distrust in our democratic process as the Russians did. Maybe Trump should invest in companies that manufacture diapers and pacifiers, the products that most closely relate to his bullying and rants. He can then print up caps that say “Make pacifiers great again.” May Emperor Trump be held to account for what he says and does by all of us with spines. And may the representatives and senators who cannot speak truth to power and tell him he is wearing no clothes also be held to account. Shame on them all. The special prosecutor train keeps rolling on and on and will eventually reveal the nefarious actor and his misdeeds. And while Trump used to talk about draining the swamp, he has only been adding to it at an alarming rate. With Robert Mueller’s help, we may be able to start draining this swamp. I have to believe in that.

Lisa Unher


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