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Welcome to Buffalo's coldest start to April since 1982

Perhaps "April Fools' Month" would be more appropriate.

Mother Nature sure seems to think so.

For 14 of the month's first 16 days, temperatures at Buffalo have been at or below normal. On eight of them, the thermometer's been double-digits below normal.

There's been measurable snowfall on nine days so far this month with the 10th expected on Tuesday.

Only 1961, with its 11 days of April snow, will have more measurable snow days during April in 148 years of record-keeping Buffalo's weather.

"It's been terrible," said Piper Ware, the manager at Taffy's Hot Dog stand in Orchard Park.

She won't get much disagreement around Western New York, including from the Buffalo Bisons.

"UGH! Mother Nature wins again," was the team's tweet Monday afternoon announcing its third postponement in a row.

The Bisons, which began their home schedule last Thursday, already have a losing record against Mother Nature.

The 4.1 inches of snow that's fallen is already the second-most for any April in a dozen years. It's already about 1½-inches of snow above what Buffalo receives in an average whole month of April.

The average temperature, heading into Monday, was 35.4 degrees in Buffalo. It's been the coldest first-half of April since 1982.

It's the 16th coldest first-half of April ever in Buffalo, but keep in mind that temperatures before World War II were kept at Buffalo Harbor, which is often ice-covered and noticeably colder during April. This month is the fifth-coldest April since official records started being kept at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport on June 1, 1943 and second-coldest since April 1982. (xmACIS2)


Given the forecast through the end of this week, April 2018 is positioned for its coldest three-week start since 1975 — and the second-coldest start on record since they started being kept at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport during World War II.

Some might consider Tuesday's forecast high of just 35 degrees as just piling on. After all, it's more than 20 degrees colder than average for the date.

"The weather really affects our business," said Ware, who's managed Taffy's for 30 years. "The outdoors people want to sit on the swings, they want to sit in the sun."

The sun? There hasn't been much of that either.

So far, the weather service reports zero clear, sunny days in Buffalo this month.

The blustry wind, cold rain and low-hanging steel-gray cloud deck didn't seem to faze the dozen or so brave souls who visited the Lloyd taco truck on Monday outside of Key Bank Center.

"They come for the smiles, and the warm burritos," quipped Mike Swedene, who works in the truck.

Travis Perno, the truck's "quarterback," admitted they're staffing about one-less body in the truck for now, but by-and-large Lloyd's faithful seem to find them year-round.

"It hinders (business) a little bit," Perno said about the weather. "But, we still do a good business."

Holiday Valley can't complain either.

You want a weird April weather story?

The Ellicottville resort opened for both skiing and golf last Friday and Saturday.

Jane Eshbaugh, Holiday Valley's marketing director, called it "bonus weekend."

"You could ski and golf at the same time," Eshbaugh said. "We did attract several golfers even though the weather wasn't ideal golfing weather."

Area dodged ice bullet; now comes rain, snow

The resort did officially close its ski slopes for the season on Saturday, as it transitions into "spring" activities like golf.

There's a little light at the end of the tunnel: the upcoming weekend's temperatures are expected to reach the low 50s.

But, that'll still be a few degrees below-normal.

The 6-to-10 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows the Buffalo Niagara region, along with the rest of the eastern two-thirds of the United States, expected to be in colder than average conditions through April 25.


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