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My View: No one left to watch over

By Shirley Palmerton

We who have dogs know the warm feeling we get whenever we come home. As soon as she hears me, she is leaping upon the door and barking her hello. It doesn’t matter she has scraped the door or the paint. She is so happy to see me. I’ll sand that door down or repaint it. I know she is showing her love.

I must remember to clip your toenails again. I’m still sorry the last time I did that, I cut them too short and made you bleed. I didn’t find too many spots of blood on the carpet.

I know you have to go potty so I’ll get your leash and a plastic bag in case you poop. Have to get my raincoat as it’s raining out. Wonder how much those invisible fences cost.

Yes, I’ll feed you. I know you’re hungry. I hope you like the holistic dog food I bought on the way home. It cost a lot more but you’re worth it.

It would be nice if tonight I could stretch my legs in bed. Wish you didn’t want to sleep with me. You could lay just to the side of me instead of across the end of the bed. But it’s nice to know you are there.

Please don’t give me that look that you don’t feel well. The last time I took you to the vet, I thought they added the bill wrong. I couldn’t believe a visit and dog pills could cost that much. Well, you’re worth it.

They are having a sale on those sticky rollers. I must get some. I can’t believe all the hair you shed. Every time I empty my vacuum cleaner bag, it’s full of your hair. I can’t believe you’re not bald.

Shirley Palmerton.

I know you need a bath. I’m so happy you like them. I have that shampoo for dogs you like. It prevents dandruff. I honestly didn’t know dogs got dandruff. Aren’t you happy you won’t get any?

The vet said they should clean your teeth. After I asked her how much that would cost, my mouth didn’t close until I got in the car. I don’t pay that much to have my teeth cleaned. I know they don’t have to put me to sleep though. She also said I could brush your teeth with a special toothpaste, honest.

I think of those who choose not to have a dog. They can fly or go anywhere and not have to worry. I know it’s a whole different story if you have children.

I wanted an older dog. I went to a shelter and they brought out a Pomeranian named Sarah. When they handed her to me, her eyes softened and said take me, so I did.

She was spoiled rotten and gave me joy every day. She always went for walks with me around the hayfield. Several times I looked back to see where she was and then looked down. She was right at my feet looking up at me.

I had her a long time and I knew she wasn’t well. The pills were not working anymore. One day I held her until she died.

Enough, I said, enough. I’m not going to get another dog.

My husband had passed and now Sarah. I had no one to watch out for.

It was a free feeling.

I got the door painted. The vacuum cleaner bag is empty. I can stretch out my legs in bed. I now buy expensive food for me.

No, I’m not going to get another dog.

I think.

Shirley Palmerton of Eden misses the love of her dog, Sarah.

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