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Letter: Trump, priest scandals raise a lot of questions

Trump, priest scandals raise a lot of questions

If there is a God, he or she does not appear to be the benign, caring one thought by worshippers but the one described by some readers of the Bible as one of the cruelest characters in literature. I would also add she has also a nasty sense of humor.

How else can anyone explain the election of Donald J. Trump, since his election was the result of 85 percent of religious evangelical voters. How could they look the other way when every aspect of this man’s life, especially with women, is despicable and shameful? Nor has he ever been contrite or hinted he will be. His presidency to date has been indeed a cruel joke.

Staying playful and harmful, God gives us the Catholic Church – a community pillar of teaching our children but also sexual abuse by the teachers/priests.

Worse is the church’s coverup of the scandal. New revelations show new cover-ups and that the church is now allowing accused priests to live near schools while these communities are kept in the dark. A cruel joke, but parents are not laughing.

Perhaps God felt a tinge of remorse for all this cruel humor and wanted to show us a sign to let us know it’s all been a joke. Since she just can’t come out and say this, and since, as they say, “God works in mysterious ways,” perhaps she decided to manipulate the calendar this year so that Easter fell on April 1. In case you missed it: April Fools’ Day.

Richard A. Leva


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