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Letter: Bill to ban plastic bags would help environment

Bill to ban plastic bags would help environment

Whenever you go to the grocery store, you are always asked a certain question: “paper or plastic?” The answer really should be “neither.” Environment-wise, both paper and plastic leave something to be desired.

Currently, in the New York State Legislature, there is a bill being created by Sens. Liz Krueger and Brad Hoylman that would put a fee on paper bags and ban plastic bags for some products.

The aim of this bill is to decrease the pollution caused by disposable bags. While to some a fee might sound like a bad idea, it could be an incentive to bring one’s own bag to the supermarket or shopping center. This new bill can be a first step in the process of removing plastic and paper bags altogether.

Under the proposal, 80 percent of the bag fee goes to the state Environmental Protection Fund. Why could not some of it could go specifically into research for a plastic bag alternative? For those who are against paying for any kind of bags, this could give them a reason to support it.

With a portion of the fee going toward a new kind of bag, the bill would be working toward making itself obsolete. If a new, non-plastic material is used, there would be no fee for anyone to pay.

This new potential law could be the catalyst New York needs to decrease our disposable bag pollution. I thoroughly encourage readers to write to their state officials and support this bill.

Claire Herget


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