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Letter: Maybe young Americans will finally spur change

Maybe young Americans will finally spur change

Like most of America on March 24, I stood in awe as the youth of America so quickly set the march on Washington, D.C., with hundreds of thousands of mostly young adults seeking major gun changes not only there, but all over the country and also the world. The main organizers were the students from the Parkland, Fla., school that was terrorized by the crazed 19-year-old ex-student shooting an AR-15 semiautomatic.

It definitely appears that the march was just the beginning for our new political youth revolutionary movement. This movement will push politics and the NRA for dramatic changes on gun issues.

Just recently I read that 40 high school students from Madison, Wis., were walking to the home of House Speaker Paul Ryan in Janesville, Wis. Their purpose was to try to convince him to introduce new gun reform legislation, and for him not to block and/or bury it.

Yes, America, there will be a lot more of this youth action, and not just rhetoric. By the midterm elections in November, if there is no gun legislation in the works or done, then significant changes will occur in Congress and the Senate where our politicians can’t be bought off by the NRA any more. We can only hope.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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