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Letter: Super Soakers ruined Dyngus Day Parade

Super Soakers ruined Dyngus Day Parade

Every year, we have four generations going to the Dyngus Day Parade. My mom, at 84 years old, leads the crew through the Broadway Market to browse the vendors, buy at the bakery and listen to the music. We found our spot for the parade across from the main entrance. There we found Waldo, a crowd favorite who collects up candy for the little ones who miss out and revs up the crowd.

It didn’t take long for us to be surrounded by families with Super Soakers who brought 10-gallon jugs of water to fill them. Unfortunately, when they used their guns, the people in the parade who have them also squirt back. Once the parade was in full swing, they moved in front of us. We were getting soaked, too, and we had two 1-year-olds with us. Mind you, this spot is toward the beginning of the parade, so once these people are soaking wet they still have to walk or ride to the end in temperatures in the 30s.

Poor Waldo was also soaked and wasn’t able to work the crowd like he has in past years. When we approached a few of the families to at least ask that they stay over in their own spots, we were told, “This is what the parade is all about!” Really? Our Polish heritage has been degraded to a bunch of kids getting people dripping wet in 30-degree weather? This is fun? This is what it’s all about?

Kathy Campbell


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