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Letter: Everyone on this planet deserves honest leaders

Everyone on this planet deserves honest leaders

Brazil is putting former President Luiz Inacio in jail. In Seoul, South Korea, Park Geun Hye, another head of state, could also end up behind bars. And another member of this club, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is closer to being indicted for corruption. The list goes on and on. Our own president has the prosecutor’s noose tightening around his neck.

What’s worse are the countries like Russia, China and North Korea, where dissension is a death sentence.

Why are the people on this planet forced to exist under these conditions? The answer is a lack of honest political leadership!

We can only hope and pray that the #MeToo movement, our “enough is enough” youth movement and the teachers’ rebellion start a wave of change resulting in the current political leadership becoming crumpled brown leaves in an autumn wind.

Joseph Allen


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