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Letter: Banning all plastic bags is the simplest solution

Banning all plastic bags is the simplest solution

I am a little confused by the letter, “Better solution needed to reduce plastic bags,” which appeared in the April 7 Everybody’s Column. First off, he uses about 10 bags a week? Wow! All plastic? He borrowed a Glad bag and it was too heavy? The whole thing seems a bit much.

I also recycle everything that I can, but never use plastic bags. My tendency is to oversimplify many things, but banning single-use plastic bags is without a doubt the simplest.

Buffalo, let’s join the rest of the forward ecological thinkers in many parts of the United States and ban their use wherever possible. Not just in supermarkets, but also in drugstores, gift shops, department stores, etc. Bring on the reusables.

Jack Hailand


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