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Letter: How can anyone mock student-led marches?

How can anyone mock student-led marches?

I have fought the urge to write to Everybody’s Column for some time. I have written to a number of elected “representatives” who continue to prop up the pretender in the White House. An individual lacking honesty, character, empathy and integrity, and who may be the biggest historical revisionist to ever reside in the White House.

But then came an incredible letter to this column on March 25, musing about the students involved in the very public outcry against what they consider a weakness in our nation’s gun control policies, that may have contributed to the series of school shootings. I had to read it several times to be sure that the writer really was suggesting that the overwhelming turnouts all over the country were influenced by the fact that many of these protesters were there because they considered the marches a perfect opportunity to miss school. Absolutely incredible!

The writer is lacking in at least one of the qualities I mentioned in the beginning of this letter. If that was really his takeaway from the student-led marches, check the ages of the children killed at Sandy Hook. Then go channel surf when coverage of the next protest begins.

Len Butski


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