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Letter: Every U.S. president encounters opposition

Every U.S. president encounters opposition

In response to a March 30 letter, “Trump’s not perfect,” I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions and add some nuance to the opposition directed at our current POTUS. First, in regard to resistance, we need not “imagine if this happened to Barack Obama” because we can view pictures and video of tea party protests painting him as Hitler, a socialist, a weakling/tyrant, a foreign-born “other,” etc.

The objection to the tax cut bill isn’t so much the meager allotment to the working class or small businesses, but the mammoth giveaways to large corporations who then use the windfall to dole out bonuses to CEOs and dividends to shareholders. This will inevitably be followed by attacks on entitlement programs as unsustainable. Regulations that are genuinely proven unnecessarily burdensome to business should in hindsight be eliminated, but not all should be shed haphazardly so as to precipitate further financial or environmental crises.

Next, standing behind law enforcement is admirable, but as public employees they should not be exempt from public scrutiny and/or accountability, and those who criticize should not be labeled as un-American. Also, disagreeing with military action is not tantamount to not supporting troops, just as supporting our nation’s long history of immigration should not be equated with open borders.

Promoting civility begins with listening to other views and not viewing compromise as weak, but as the very foundation of our bicameral governing system. This spirit of divisiveness is not unprecedented, as we have endured far worse, so let’s accept that leaders will encounter opposition and that proposing alternative solutions is a more productive method to a progressive future.

Carmen Bartolotta


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