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Editorial: It seems to us – Yes, you can; another Thruway fight; and tripping yourself up

Next time somebody tells you “I can’t (fill in the blank), you now have cause to challenge that poor, misguided person. You do, at least, if that individual is anything like Jeremy Twiss, who told his friend and patron Prish Maran that he didn’t know how to paint.

Fortunately, she didn’t believe him. The proof is on display at the Tabernacle on Lafayette Avenue, where Twiss – who had never painted before and has had no formal art training – produced a startling set of designs. It took a year, and the results are remarkable.

There’s a lesson in that. Be suspicious when someone says “I can't.”

So, now the Senecas want to go back to the Thruway argument? Last time, it involved confrontations, fires and the implicit threat of violence.

This seems to be the never-ending dispute, with the Seneca Nation claiming that New York illegally took Southern Tier land for the toll road and New York responding that it bought the rights for $75,000. This time, at least, the matter is playing out in court and not on the highway. The Senecas this week filed a federal lawsuit demanding compensation.

It’s hard to shake the idea that this is related to the standoff between the Senecas and the state over casino payments, which is causing harm in Niagara Falls.

Come on, people. Time for everyone to grow up and settle these issues once and for all.

How not to get caught: 25-year-old Xavier Moran was involved in a car crash last week, but he knew he could prove who did it. He had been cut off by another car and, lucky for him – or not – he had a dashboard camera that he said could prove it.

So, as Associated Press reports, a deputy in the Palm Beach County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department had a look. Unfortunately for Moran, authorities say the video showed Moran burglarizing a beauty store. He was arrested.
Remember: Drive defensively. Especially if you’re an addle-brained burglar.

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