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Letter: State can no longer afford to do all things for all people

State can no longer afford to do all things for all people

When the new federal tax bill was passed, all the New York State politicians were crying how unfair it was that the state and local taxes (SALT) would no longer be deductible. For the high tax states like New York, this means less federal money returning in our refunds. Now there are the objections by NYS and these same high tax states about adding back the question of U.S. citizenship in the next census. All those people here illegally, but receiving benefits, will not be included in the federal allocations of money.

The message is really quite clear. States that opt to provide expensive services and benefits to illegal residents, provide sanctuary cities as protection from federal immigration laws, and consequently are high tax states in part because of this spending for non-citizens, are no longer going to be subsidized by the rest of the nation that has far better money management. NYS needs to get rid of the Empire State mentality that we can do all things for all people. We can’t afford it, and the rest of the country is no longer going to pay for our foolish spending and mismanagement.

Richard Hoekstra


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