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Letter: Killer’s release from prison defies common sense

Killer’s release from prison defies common sense

It is an unfortunate fact that common sense has been on a down spiral for years, and one of the latest testaments to this is the recent release of a man who killed 10 people in 1984 in Brooklyn from the Shawangunk Correction Facility in Wallkill. He was originally convicted of manslaughter and not murder because of “extreme emotional disturbance” due to a cocaine habit, a logic, that in my opinion, is definitely deprived of all common sense. He was sentenced to 50 years because of some state law and was eligible to be released after serving 32 years of that sentence. New York State released him. Once again, in my opinion, this is not only a complete loss of common sense, but complete insanity by a justice system that is supposed to look out for the best interest of its citizens. Apparently our lawmakers, and our governor, all of whom we elected to office, seem to have no comprehension of what is justice or what is in our best interest, but instead seem to be interested only in keeping their cushy jobs and being able to deny any participation in the many scandals coming out of Albany. Ten dead people! Perhaps our governor or one of his fellow elected officials can provide a room for this killer in their place of residence. After all, after 32 years in prison this madman probably won’t have any place to call home.

Norman Machynski


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