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Letter: County Legislature must back reduction of gun violence

County Legislature must back reduction of gun violence

Recently I requested the Erie County legislative majority to correct an action by the legislature in 2013, regarding the NY SAFE Act.

After the killing of 26 human beings at Sandy Hook Elementary School with an assault rifle, a Bushmaster AR-15, in less than eight minutes, the New York legislature passed the NY SAFE Act to prevent similar disasters in New York.

The New York SAFE Act is the law of the land and obviously works to curb gun violence.

But shortly after the NY SAFE Act, I was disappointed and surprised that my county Republican representatives, in symbolic political response passed, a resolution urging revision and repeal of the NY SAFE Act.

Their 2013 resolution employs the same gibberish used by NRA organizations to confuse the issues to include that hunting shotguns could be mistaken for combat weapons.

The current Erie County Legislature could demonstrate solidarity with the Parkland student protests, Buffalo Peace Center and reasonable Western New Yorkers to seek safer schools and less gun violence.

Erie County residents must call your county legislators to urge Erie County to be alongside the peace keepers by a resolution in support the reduction of gun violence through SAFE.

Reduction of gun violence does not threaten gun ownership but encourages the safe practices that were core of the NRA when I still hunted. But official proclamations to curb gun violence, not defy the law, should define Erie County to the future generations.

It could be our finest legacy.

Art Klein


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