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Letter: Buffalo VA hospital offers wonderful care to veterans

Buffalo VA hospital offers wonderful care to veterans

In regard to The News editorial on Veterans Affairs hospitals, especially the Buffalo Veterans Medical Center, the writer is very much uninformed about the medical care problems of veterans.

I am a vet of the Korean War and I go to this facility. The editorial is looking at the results of the problem, not the cause. The causes start right at the top in Washington, where political hacks are appointed to run the health care needs of veterans, instead of qualified people with the dedication to the military vets in mind.

This problem expands to the VA hospitals because lack of funds causes poor management political lackeys to run the show. Good doctors are discouraged from staying, and I have seen that personally. They must do as they are told or leave. They and other health practitioners are also underpaid for their services. All hospitals have mistakes made occasionally, but it does not make the headlines the way the VA hospital seems to always wind up getting front-page attention.

I am very happy with the care I receive at the VA in Buffalo, and think that privatizing veterans health care would be a disaster, as the editorial seems to recommend. At this time, vets are eligible for private care if the VA cannot provide it in a timely manner. I was issued a card to be presented to private caregivers in case the VA care is not timely. The News should be better informed before making statements that are not valid.

Arthur L. Benson


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