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Letter: Turn One Seneca Tower into transportation hub

Turn One Seneca Tower into transportation hub

Buffalo is booming, but our train station is an embarrassment. Our bus station is not much better. Why is the ground-floor plaza of One Seneca Tower (nee HSBC, nee Marine Midland) and its associated basement access and parking not turned into the Buffalo Transportation Center?

The tracks are a few feet away, so a tunnel or gangway under Exchange Street to a level platform would be shorter than most airport gates. The ground-floor wing of the building is perfect for offices and check-in counters since it used to be for bank tellers. The large plaza could be room for all buses and the ring of curbs around the entire wing perfect for pick-ups and drop-offs (especially under the tower where it’s dry). Plus there’s copious underground parking, which would be a money-spinner, and access for vehicle maintenance.

Not to mention breathing new life into an empty building, with access to premium office/accommodation space. This is so obvious, why has it not been considered?

Michael A. Binis


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