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Letter: Ingraham is a hypocrite, she should be ashamed

Ingraham is a hypocrite, she should be ashamed

When some folks mix their politics with their faith, we get a vile-tasting milkshake. This latest concoction is compliments of Laura Ingraham, who I swear sits in front of her vanity each morning trying to decide which cross to wear around her neck – venti, grande or super size. Recently she chose to chastise Parkland student David Hogg. Why? Because he has shown the audacity to channel his grief into searching for a solution to “Made in America” gun violence that includes, dare I say it, sensible firearms control. The magnanimous Ingraham then, “in the spirit of Holy Week,” offered young Hogg an apology. In the spirit of Holy Week? Really? Is that the Holy Week of Jesus Christ or the Holy Week of Pontius Pilate? “Give us Barrabas, give us Barrabas!”

Reality then reared its ugly head and we find out Ingraham’s mea culpa was really motivated by the fact that her sponsors are peeling away quicker than you can say Judas Iscariot. To paraphrase the late, great actor, Roy Scheider: Laura, you’re gonna need a bigger cross.

Joe Sullivan


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