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Letter: GOP needs to support Trump and his agenda

GOP needs to support Trump and his agenda

Spineless, gutless and cowardly. Those are the (printable) descriptions that come to mind regarding Republican legislators. For eight years, they promised to help Americans “if only they had control of the House, Senate and presidency.” They did not offer meaningful resistance to the Democrats’ policies.

Now, they have everything they wanted. What part of winning don’t they understand? Donald Trump ran against 17 opponents and won the presidency. Americans voted for someone who spoke to them and vowed to help them if he had the support of his party to help him enact policies that would benefit the country. Trump heard the voices of people who wanted secure borders, an end to illegal drug trafficking and economic assistance through tax relief.

He needs support from Republicans, conservatives, liberals and Democrats. Today’s problems didn’t happen overnight or even eight years. When Moses knelt and held up his arms, the enemy fell back. When his arms weakened, he could not keep the position and the enemy would overtake his army. In order to win the battle, Moses enlisted two men to support his arms until his army was victorious.

With the support of the American people and legislators at his sides, Trump can win the battle to save our country. As the president says, “You must try. Even if you fail, you know you did something. Go for it! What have you got lose?”

Mary Kless


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