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Letter: Don’t require teachers to become armed guards

Don’t require teachers to become armed guards

The many discussions and opinions about arming teachers make me recall why I became a teacher 50 years ago. I wanted to work with children, helping them to become educated and contributing citizens. I did my best to keep them safe when we were together. Fire drills, wiping up spills, safe use of scissors and refraining from pushing were just a few ways safety was emphasized.

How things have changed! I do not know a teacher who would not put himself/herself between a child and a shooter, but it should never have to happen. District personnel have the responsibility to develop schools that ensure student safety. Locked doors, metal detectors and school resource officers are just a few things districts can do to keep students safe. They are called “teachers” because that is what they do. Provide them with the environment needed to do that.

Agnes Becker

Grand Island

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