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Letter: Why is it so hard for Collins and Trump to attend a rally?

Why is it so hard for Collins and Trump to attend a rally?

I have a question for Rep. Chris Collins and President Trump. Why can’t they find time to attend the last rally against gun violence in Washington and the one that is to take place Saturday? Collins refused to attend and called these kids “radical partisans.” Now Collins states he will not attend the latest rally for “his own reasons.”

My kids are grown up and not involved in these rallies, but if they were younger, I would help and back them all the way to Washington. Again, since some of these kids and backers are not yet able to vote, I hope and pray the parents will remember these politicians when election time comes and vote them out of office.

The gun violence has to stop today, and I hope these rallies help and wake up these politicians to enact new laws. Also, I might add, it has to start at the federal level with the president of the United States. We need to put in effect laws that are the same in every state, not just here in New York. There should be no more sales of the AR-15, AK-47, etc. These weapons should only be used by the military and law enforcement.

So again, Mr. Collins, I would call what these kids are doing rallies, not protests.

Martin M. Staniszewski


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