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Letter: ‘America last’ would be more appropriate motto

‘America last’ would be more appropriate motto

Historically, meeting a dictator often gives the tyrant more power and accomplishes little in world affairs. Neville Chamberlain found this out in meeting Hitler. Ditto for meeting Stalin, Mussolini and Khrushchev.

But with President Trump’s little preparation and even smaller hoard of knowledge, how well will it go with the “Rocket Man”? Trump’s ego is so large that he seems to relish rubbing shoulders and sometimes dressing like the world’s bad guys. Witness his meeting with the dictator of the Philippines.

Remember when Trump said, “America first”? His actions show that flying and meeting in person a whole host of world bad guys has become his thing to do. He favors Putin, Le Pen and the like. He avoids duly elected leaders right here in the USA.

In fact, Trump and his businesses enjoy purchasing steel, neckties and workers from other countries. His own wife’s parents got special treatment to fast track American citizenship.

“America last” is fast becoming a joke in the Trump administration. Even those risking everything to become American citizens and American heroes or gold star parents are treated as second-class or no-class citizens. For Trump, it is ego and money first, everything else is less than a fleeting thought.

Joseph M. Yonder


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