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Leave it to beaver: Lancaster, Depew police respond when animal blocks roadway

Ever since Tom the turkey was unceremoniously removed from his favorite Amherst intersection last November, we've wondered which critter would take his place wreaking havoc on the area's roadways.

We've found a contender: the Depew beaver.

Around 11:20 p.m. Saturday, a Lancaster police officer who was driving through the intersection of Transit Road and Broadway reported seeing a beaver in the road, according to Captain William J. Karn Jr., head of the department's Detective Bureau.

The animal was disrupting traffic as motorists tried to go around and avoid hitting it. The Lancaster officer, working with officers from Depew, cleared the intersection of vehicles and made sure the beaver got back to Cayuga Creek, which runs under Transit just to the south of the intersection, Karn said.

The entire incident, which was first reported on the department's Facebook page Monday, lasted about seven minutes. That's long enough for the beaver to get some attention but not long enough to earn a nickname. (We suggest "Chauncey," in honor of the U.S. Senator for whom Depew is named.)

"I do not know why the beaver was in the intersection, but I do know that we occasionally get calls of beavers in or near the roadway near our creeks," Karn said in an email. "I can recall a few similar calls on Lake Avenue near the Como Park dam over the years."

Karn said the beavers usually try to stay away from people and try to get back to water as soon as possible.

The beaver was not ticketed for jaywalking and, apparently, was let off with a warning.

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