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Biagini looking good, so to speak, as the Bisons Opening Day starter

Joe Biagini stood at the edge of the media scrum, his 6-foot-4 frame towering over the small gathering of reporters in the Coca-Cola Field hallway asking Buffalo Bisons manger Bobby Meacham about the opening of the 2018 season.

Biagini took advantage of a pause to launch his question:

"Coach how do you feel about the attractiveness of the Opening Day starter for your team this year?" Biagini said.

Without missing a beat, Meacham answered the question.

"Well our Opening Day starter, he's a good pitcher. His looks? He's OK," Meacham said. "We're just looking for him to pitch really well. I'm not sure he's going to win any beauty contests."

He probably could win a stand-up competition, however.

The 27-year-old cracked jokes throughout his meeting with the media after being named the Herd's Opening Day starter. Buffalo is scheduled to play the Rochester Red Wings at 6:05 p.m. Friday at Frontier Field, although the weather forecast is not looking kind for baseball.

"I feel pretty good about it as long as I have lots of layers," Biagini said. "I hear it's going to be pretty chilly."

"For me, besides trying to look cute out there which my manager seemed to think wasn't very possible, other than that I have a lot of things I want to continue to improve on and try to be ready if the opportunity comes this year to go up to Toronto," Biagini said. "But here, it's really important to try to win, to try and develop, try to be consistent. I think that was something for me that I worked on a lot last year going back from starting to relieving and back and forth. The big challenge was finding that consistency, that rhythm, like I'm really finding in this answer to your question."

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It's impossible to avoid Biagini's dry humor. It's constant with a deadpan delivery.

But that doesn't mean he takes his pitching less seriously.

For Biagini, it's about settling into a rhythm as his role with the Blue Jays organization has evolved.

In 2015, the Blue Jays selected Biagini from the San Francisco Giants in the Rule 5 draft. He spent all of 2016 with the Blue Jays as a reliever, making 60 appearances with 12 games finished, one save and a 4-3 record.

Last year his role shifted, going from reliever to starter. With the Blue Jays, he appeared in 44 games, 18 as a starter. He pitched four games with the Bisons, starting all four of them.

"I think it's challenging in any capacity. Just playing professional baseball is challenging," Biagini said. "There's a challenge in going back and forth. There's a challenge in being a relief pitcher the whole year. There's a challenge in being a starter the whole year. So each one presents a different facet of the challenge to tap into your ability to make it work."

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Last season, Biagini said, "a lot of things were exposed as a starter, which was frustrating but it also was, I don't know if exciting is the right word, but I was excited to get the chance in a real high-level game situation to learn the things that are going to help me improve in the long run.

"To be in this position, to be valued by the organization, at least I think I am, and be in the mix ready to take advantage of opportunities that come, you have to stay ready but you also have to continue to challenge yourself to grow. That was the thing I was really focused on last year and I want to take that experience and parlay that into consistent output. Not necessarily results, but throwing the ball well, being consistent with that. And if you do that, the results are usually good especially if you're at this point of your career where you have the tools to be effective."

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