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We asked, you answered: What upgrades would you like to see at KeyBank Center?

While virtually all 17 NHL venues built during the league's building boom in the mid-1990s have undergone or are in the process of undergoing major renovation, Buffalo's KeyBank Center remains largely as it was when it was built.

Buffalo News columnist Mike Harrington outlined the situation at the arena in today's cover story.

What's next for Buffalo's aging KeyBank Center?

So we asked our audience: What renovations do you think need to be done? 

Some just want the arena to be cleaner:

Brandon Anderson: Biggest issue is the cleanliness. When you walk up to your seat in pregame and there's a 4-day old puddle of Pepsi and nachos grinded into the floor... you don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

Tony Todaro: Are people crazy???? Other than minor cosmetic details, this place is still in great shape and has many years of use left. Repairing seats, scrubbing the floors, adding brighter lighting in areas, paint work here and there... anything that needs attention is basically wear and tear from use. It’s not like it’s falling apart. On a serious note, The Buffalo News, maybe Pegula Sports Entertainment should reconsider DNC’s contract and go with a company like the one at the new Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta that actually sells concessions at a reasonable price instead of highway robbery!

Patrick Sweeney: It just needs to be cleaner. It's really not that complicated. Hire hard working, competent people and pay them livable wages, and the fan experience will improve.

Others want better concessions:

Thomas L. Ploetz: I agree a good cleaning and some painting would go along way. The restrooms stink. Get some concessions that are reasonable.

Others want better music:

Some want better lighting:

But most we heard from want the Sabres to win:

Alexis Banks: They could start by selling a winning product.

Don Erb: Let’s put a winning team on the ice. I think the building is fantastic. It could be kept cleaner during games.

Joel Craig:  Recently attended a Panther game in Florida. The concourses were very much brighter and things were updated. You had the idea that there was life there! A winning team changes everything. Bring back the Aud days where people were entertained by the game, not by everything else.

Nick Duquette: A good team would make everyone forget about the old building.

Or for the Sabres to bring back the Aud:

Joseph Carey: No issues with Key Bank Arena here, other than the name.

For those nostalgic about Memorial Auditorium, stroll down memory lane with photos of The Aud from our archives:

Remembering the Aud

What other upgrades do you want to the KeyBank Center? Add your thoughts in the comment section.

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