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Letter: News ought to relegate Simpson to back pages

News ought to relegate Simpson to back pages

I’m ashamed to say I read most of the article on O.J. Simpson in a recent edition of The News. It’s not the writing that shames, but the absurd idea that somehow this is front-page news warranting several pages of attention.

Being of the generation that cheered on O.J. as he ran 2,000 yards, I am also of the generation that witnessed in horror the shameless slaughter of two human beings – a crime many believe he committed. And still I read on, subjecting myself to more narcissistic lies from this man.

While I defend The News’ right to report anything of its choosing, I’m ashamed I spent $3 reading about this trash, when all I wanted was to read Bob Pohl’s weekly poem in the hopes it might elevate us as humans, not animals.

Perry S. Nicholas

Clarence Center

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