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Letter: Trump needs no help destroying presidency; he’s doing it himself

Trump needs no help destroying presidency; he’s doing it himself

I never have nor will I ever refer to No. 45 as president.

To the writer who accused Democrats of leading a charge to destroy Trump’s presidency, all I can say is, you are sadly misinformed!

Donald Trump is bringing about his own destruction. He needs no help!

Robert Mueller is well respected by both parties. He is very carefully putting pieces together. He is not rushing to judgment. The truth will come out.

Trump does nothing about Vladimir Putin, or Russia, even though he just stated he has “new” nuclear arms that can and will destroy the U.S.A.! Trump refuses to authorize actions to stop Russia, or any nation, from meddling in our elections. Our right to vote is sacred; much blood was shed to give us this right.

He has not taken a firm stand on amending gun control and outlawing sale of AR-15s to citizens. These weapons should only be used by military personnel. He and the Republican Congress passed a tax bill that definitely will help the wealthy and large corporations. Now he is proposing tariffs on steel and aluminum that will hurt consumers and our national economy. His own White House aides and Congress have “begged” him to reconsider because of the consequences.

Between his irrational tweeting and spur-of-the-moment decisions, Trump is causing the most damage to Trump and the country.

Unfortunately, Trump and the remaining 32 percent of his supporters continue to blame Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats for anything that goes wrong in this administration. This is now a “broken” record that they need to stop playing.

Trump is unstable and a danger to our democracy. Key members of his administration continue to leave, like rats jumping ship.

Take a long, hard look at your perspective. Trump is his own worst enemy!

JoAnn M. Calandra

East Amherst

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