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Letter: Military weapons don’t belong in the hands of John Q. Public

Military weapons don’t belong in the hands of John Q. Public

I, and I’m sure thousands of others across the country, listened and watched with tears in our eyes news of the latest shooting tragedy in Parkland, Fla., committed with a semi-automatic assault rifle on innocent young people. Numerous dead, numerous injured. Once again we hear the chant, “Never again!”

When will these tragedies stop? Will it take another tragedy with an assault rifle or a gun with a bump stock that takes the life of an elected politician’s child or grandchild to finally open the eyes of these politicians to make the very necessary and important changes that need to be made?

Politicians, stop being cowards and beholden to various organizations. Do not let the National Rifle Association dictate! Banning the sales of these extremely dangerous weapons does not do away with the Second Amendment. Military-type weapons are for the military – not for John Q. Public. The faster shots can be fired, the greater number of people will be killed or injured in a matter of minutes.

We can all say, “not in my town,” but Parkland was named the safest town in Florida, and it happened there.

Wake up, America! Elected politicians, senators, Congress members, please do the right thing regardless of your political affiliation or pressures from biased organizations.

Patricia Yahr

North Tonawanda

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