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How the Cordy Glenn trade to the Bengals happened

The Bills traded offensive tackle Cordy Glenn to the Cincinnati Bengals officially on the day the new league year began on March 14. Reports of the trade had been confirmed days earlier.

But when and how did the Glenn trade come together? According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, talks began in Indianapolis at the Scouting Combine. The Bengals needed to improve their offensive line. The Bills have continued to shed high-priced assets from the previous regime.

The Bills were the ones to suggest there might be a match, according to Duke Tobin, the Bengals' director of player personnel.

“We had an awareness of his potential availability and they certainly had obviously done their work and had an awareness of our perceived need and they reached out and asked if we wanted to talk on it,” Tobin said. “We talked on it and we came to a consensus that we would go forward.”

The Bengals were considering other options, but came to the conclusion that Glenn might be the best fit by the time coach Marvin Lewis returned from Alabama Pro Day on March 7.

“We figured out the value, I set the value of 'it’s going to take this to get him,' ” Beane told the Enquirer.

As the front office looked at the salary numbers, given Glenn's contract, the coaches looked at the film and determined Glenn could be effective when healthy and would be a good addition to their locker room. Glenn has several friends on the Bengals.

The Bills wanted to make a decision before Glenn's $2 million roster bonus came due March 18; the Bengals needed to make a decision before free agency began March 14 because picking up Glenn's contract would impact the rest of their strategy in free agency. With the timing as the backdrop, the sides came to an agreement.

The Bengals remained in the first round, just at No. 21 instead of No. 12, and the sides swapped late-round picks. The Bills got No. 187 in the sixth round; the Bengals got No. 158 in the fifth round.

“There’s very few juicy details behind just the monotony of weighing options and making decisions,” Tobin said. “We weigh options, we talk about it internally and we involve a lot of people. It’s Mike (Brown). It’s Katie (Blackburn). It’s Troy (Blackburn). It’s myself. It’s our scouts. It’s coaches that are involved in it. We get opinions. We get thoughts. Then we ultimately make a decision and try to execute it. But even if you make a decision it may not get done on the other end. There’s a lot of moving parts to this.”

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