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Letter: Prosecute priests to full extent of law

Prosecute priests to full extent of law

As a 74-year-old former Catholic, I can remember being told in second grade in a Catholic grammar school that if I told a lie and died before confessing it, I’d be going straight to hell. What a way to grow up. And at this same time, priests were sexually abusing innocent young boys. I left the Catholic Church in 1970.

I am extremely upset with Bishop Richard Malone’s arrogance. To him, it is no one’s business what these criminals did to young boys. To him their files should not be opened.

To me, these priests who committed horrendous sexual acts against boys should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law regardless of when these crimes were committed – subject to passage of proposed legislation involving the statute of limitations. Bishops and others with authority over the incidents should also be prosecuted. I’m just wondering: Who is Malone trying to protect?

Arlene Preston


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