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Letter: Allowing ‘walkouts’ put students at risk

Allowing ‘walkouts’ put students at risk

March 14 has come and gone, and I am grateful that some deranged fool did not choose to commemorate the one-month anniversary of the Feb. 14 Florida school massacre by staging another school shooting. While I applaud the students who took the opportunity to express their First Amendment rights in demonstrations to address the school shooting problems, I fail to see how adding to the over 20,000 “gun laws” presently on the books would do anything to stem this problem.

I don’t think the school “walkouts” were an appropriate action, and I’m extremely disappointed in the school administrators who facilitated them. I would have trouble thinking of anything dumber than to have students march out of schools, at a designated time, and announce the event to the public. Think about what was done: administrators publicized to possible school shooters that students would be leaving the security of their schools at a specific time, gathering in a specified area and remaining there for a specific period of time where a mass shooting could easily be staged. Anyone who has a child in a school where this was allowed should be furious that administrators so cavalierly endangered the lives of students.

Finally, as was to be expected, on March 14 The Buffalo News ran an editorial supporting these demonstrations, proving once again there is no idea that liberals can come up with that is so stupid that the editorial staff of The News cannot be expected to automatically support it.

Chuck Godfrey


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