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Letter: We can all take steps to make world better

We can all take steps to make world better

I, like most, struggle with the polarized time we live in. I’m not sure when we became so unkind and intolerant, but it is obviously our condition at this time.

I grew up in a family with only sisters. My dad and I were with five girls. Dad made clear that as a boy/man, I was to always make sure my sisters and mom were not disrespected and were not in need. He also made clear to my sisters that they had a responsibility to dress and act in a modest way.

Today we have men who act like uneducated people and we have women who seem to think exposing themselves somehow makes them a positive part of our experience. The lost respect issue for ourselves and others is clear.

Then we have school issues. Our teachers are not given the support to teach our young people anymore. So often, the teachers need to protect themselves from the kids and the parents. We have young people now interested and making demands on the impotent politicians, which I have no problem with, except the young people need to look in the mirror and see what they can do to make things better also.

It seems that many of the shootings and bad acts come from young men who are and have been bullied and excluded.

Our young people can change that themselves, right now, if they really care about making things better. They can, with ease, police themselves and each other, person to person and on social media. They can confront and stop the terrible way we seem to be becoming.

It is time for all of us to take responsibility for ourselves and how we act. It is not only about me, it is about us.

The Rev. Albert Sam


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