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Letter: Students who marched offered sensible ideas

Students who marched offered sensible ideas

My wife and I were unable to join our children and grandchildren as they marched last Saturday in Washington, D.C., and Seattle. To show our solidarity with them and the millions of marchers around the world, we participated with the estimated 3,000 who showed up at Niagara Square. We listened to clergy members and politicians who all said the right things.

However, what was most inspiring was hearing the children from ages 11 to 20 talk about their mission. The speakers came from all over Western New York, including the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, where I taught. The students were passionate and articulate.

They did not threaten to take away anyone’s “right to bear arms.” They made common-sense proposals of eliminating assault rifles and bump stocks and instituting better background checks and waiting periods for the purchase of guns. What thinking American could disagree with those proposals?

The students also let it be known that this crusade will not wane as others have done recently. Some students were already of voting age or would be turning 18 soon and warned that they would be monitoring how their representatives would be voting on proposed legislation.

Are you listening Congressman Chris Collins? As the sign my friend made for the march said, “Students should be worried about their GPA not the NRA.”

Robert Drajem


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