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Letter: Why did exposure of priests’ crimes take church so long?

Why did exposure of priests’ crimes take church so long?

So, the ugly cat’s finally out of the bag. Bishop Richard Malone and his employees have finally been given the proper public exposure relating to the widespread cover-up by the Catholic Church of pedophile priests in the various parishes in the Buffalo Diocese. What took so long? It took the courage of the victims to come forward to pressure Malone to expose the names of the priests who allegedly raped them as children. What sort of organization would be aware of such nauseating crime and then resolve to squelch such information, deciding instead to expose other children in a different parish to the same repulsive fate by moving these pedophiles rather than have them arrested for rape? What sort of organization would allow rapists to continue to preach the word of God from the pulpit knowing of the heinous crimes perpetrated by said employees, whose principal responsibility is to represent God on earth?

I don’t buy the excuses that otherwise all is well in that organization, because, after all, there is only a small percentage of these employees who engaged in this sort of repulsive behavior. Indeed, anyone in that religious enterprise who didn’t rape a child is guilty of accessory after the fact by keeping quiet with the awful “secret.”

All who have continued to preach from the pulpit without mention of the crimes are also guilty of blatant hypocrisy for demanding righteousness from the flock while ignoring the rapes done by their colleagues. How many Catholics in Western New York have witnessed candor on this subject from a representative of God spoken as part of their weekly homily in a sermon on Sunday?

Stephen Saracino


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