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Letter: Trump’s not perfect, but he’s getting beneficial things done

Trump’s not perfect, but he’s getting beneficial things done

To my friends in the resistance, I’m not quite sure what that means, and can only imagine if this happened to Barack Obama – oh, wait I would be a racist – however, I digress. So my questions to the resistance are the following: Is it the tax cuts for business and taxpayers? Getting rid of our burdensome regulations that choke the life out of small business? Standing behind law enforcement and the military? Could it be that he’s trying to get something done with our immigration problem? How about getting North Korea to the table for talks?

I would be the first one to agree that President Trump is a different kind of politician and I don’t approve of everything that he does and how he does it, however, he gets results and that’s something we don’t see in politics. If you could put your bias away and look at what’s happening with our economy and how businesses are thriving under this administration, you would see that’s good for everyone, even the haters.

I would finish with this: I have never seen so much hate in our country and I find it very discouraging that we no longer can talk with one another in a civil manner. I would remind you that he only has a four-year term and at that time he can be replaced.

Rick Fisher

East Aurora

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