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Letter: Paladino’s attempt to return to School Board is infuriating

Paladino’s attempt to return to School Board is infuriating

The recent article in The Buffalo News regarding Carl Paladino’s attempt to regain the Park District seat on the Buffalo Board of Education, though expected, is infuriating. Paladino was removed from office because he was found to be unfit for service, and now he seems determined to tie the matter up in the courts in a desperate, last-ditch effort to get himself back on the board.

Paladino claims that he wants to save the district and expose the underbelly of a system which, since his removal, has been far outpacing the expectations. The district is finally in a good place, we are seeing results of the New Education Bargain. We are seeing this board actually move an agenda that is creating new programs, seeing innovations in the classrooms and more cooperation among district stakeholders. The Buffalo Public School District is climbing out of the depths of dysfunction and having Paladino and his band of interrupters will have nothing but a negative effect on a system that has worked so hard to move beyond their divisiveness.

In the end, it is clear that Paladino’s motives are rooted in running in 2019. It will be incumbent upon voters of the Park District and the city as a whole to reject what Paladino stands for in terms of educating our children. It will be up to the voters of the Park District to scrap the ideas of malice and hate that Paladino so often spews.

We will need to stand firm and tell Paladino that his brand of representation is not wanted in the Park District. We have come so far in very little time, and no longer need or want the circus that Paladino brings to the Board of Education.

Kevin Lafferty


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