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Another Voice: Teachers with guns in the classroom? No.

By Lindsay Lampert
and her fifth-grade class

Imagine hiding in the corner of a classroom because there is a shooter in your school, petrified that this might be your final moment. What is going through your mind? Since school shootings are becoming more common, President Trump thinks a solution is to arm teachers. We, Ms. Lampert’s fifth-grade class at Enterprise Charter School, oppose teachers having guns in schools.

Arming teachers is a detestable idea because students could play with the guns. If a teacher does not secure the gun in a safe location, then it becomes easy for someone else to retrieve it. For instance, in our classroom, when Ms. Lampert teaches, we’re all in our seats. But, there are times when we are disruptive and chaotic. All it takes is one person to pick up the weapon, and bang! That student could accidentally shoot themselves or others. According to USA Today, “Children under the age of 12 die from gun accidents in the United States about once a week, on average. Almost every death begins with the same basic circumstances: an unsecured and loaded gun, a guardian’s lapse in attention.”

Another reason arming teachers is dangerous is because more guns lead to an increased opportunity for violence. An active shooter might find a gun in school and use it if they run out of ammunition. We think it is OKfor people guarding the main entrance to have guns because they could see if someone was a threat. We don’t, however, think guns should be all over the school. We like that there are no guns in our classrooms. If guns were in the classroom, we would be afraid when people got mad. Plus, if a shooter came in, there would be twice as many bullets flying through the room.

Finally, arming teachers is ridiculous because the teacher could accidentally shoot an innocent person. For example, if a first responder entered the classroom, the teacher might assume it is the attacker and fire the weapon. Elizabeth Chuck and Corky Siemaszko argue the same point on “Experts added that even with proper firearms training, to expect a teacher to be able to shoot down an attacker – and not accidentally injure anyone else – is unrealistic.” How would you feel if your teacher shot someone? We would be scared and speechless. We would be terrified to ever come back to school because we might get shot next.

We think teachers having guns in school is the most ludicrous idea ever because students could play with the guns, there would be more guns in school, and teachers could shoot innocent people. All these reasons could easily lead to someone getting seriously injured or killed. If you were a teacher, would you want the responsibility of carrying a gun to protect students? As students, we don’t want that for our teachers or for ourselves.

Lindsay Lampert is a teacher at Enterprise Charter School in Buffalo. Most of the ideas came from her fifth-grade students.

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