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Letter: Political cartoonist gives masterful portrayal of Trump

Political cartoonist gives masterful portrayal of Trump

Regarding the letter about Adam Zyglis’ “fixation” on President Trump and the focus on his personal and emotional response to every issue versus any “solid, factual basis” – come on. This POTUS is all about himself, all of the time, with nary a thought otherwise as to how his behaviors and tweet storms sound diplomatically, appear professionally or look presidentially.

This POTUS does not know what “any solid, factual basis” is at all anyhow. What Zyglis does masterfully is portray this comical creature in a cartoon panel because this POTUS provides such ripe and rich fodder of his own making on an hourly basis that any political cartoonist has to take advantage of these opportunities.

The Fourth Estate certainly does not have a “schoolgirl crush” on this POTUS because unfortunately this POTUS regularly breaches standards of democracy and civil conduct. The writer wondered what Zyglis would do once Trump is out of office. I am sure political cartoonists will continue to have a never-ending source of material with this POTUS and will never have a dearth of material with whomever comes after because that day cannot come quick enough.

Deanne Plonka


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