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Letter: Obama didn’t face a draft, while Trump dodged it

Obama didn’t face a draft, while Trump dodged it

I feel I have to provide some small guidance to the writer who made the errant comparison of President Trump’s lack of military service to the lack of military service of President Barack Obama. What the writer mistakenly thought to be criticism of Trump not serving in the military was actually scorn at his five deferments in avoiding the draft during the Vietnam War. Four of those were for college and one for “bone spurs” on his foot. He cannot even recall which foot they were on today.

Obama, of course, faced no military draft. Nor did Bill Clinton, George W. Bush (who served in the Reserves with some missing time it seems). So as Katie Couric would say: “Now you know.”

And as I would say: Why did Trump dodge the draft? Hmm.

Gary Harms

Niagara Falls

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