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Letter: National policy is only happening through neglect under Trump

National policy is only happening through neglect under Trump

Don’t worry about North Korea or steel tariffs. They are just a diversion from the daily news cycle. Genuine policy does not emerge from sudden pronouncements from the president.

Good government, like most good things, comes from hard work, and this administration has proven to have no stomach for that. With a president who won’t read and a Cabinet using the taxpayers’ money to fly around like royalty, they have accomplished almost nothing. So-called tax reform was just a tax-cut giveaway with a $1.5 trillion price tag. No heavy lifting there.

Without a coherent, well-thought-out strategy, a North Korea summit is not even in our interests, but will likely not happen. Canada, Mexico and Australia are now being exempted from the steel tariffs as originally proposed, with Europe and others likely to follow, avoiding a potential trade war, but not doing much for the steelworkers we said we were trying to protect.

What is happening with Trump is happening through neglect. It is far easier to tear down than to build up. Either through understaffing or incompetence, the federal government is in far worse shape than when President Barack Obama left it. Deregulation cannot be one’s only goal.

However, there is a group of public servants doing hard work in the executive branch. Just look at the methodical advancement of special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation. Unlike the president, announcements are made after the work is done. Final results are to be determined.

David Kocak


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